Our engineering team has over 20 years of industrial design, manufacturing and installation experience working for oil and gas and other commercial customers. We have designed, produced, and are currently pursuing patents for the proprietary products we sell. Our engineering expertise is evident, not only in the design of our products, but also in how they are designed to efficiently flow through the fabrication and assembly line phases of our manufacturing process





Maxx FRAC tanks are available in many configurations to meet the variety of client applications, they include: Corrugated or Smooth Wall/Liquid Frac Tanks with flat, V or round bottom floors; Dual Manifold Frac Tanks, Weir Frac Tanks and Insulated Frac Tanks

Key Product Features and Specifications of Maxx FRAC Tanks are:


  • 400, 570, 800 and 1000 bbl. capacity,
  • Sand blasted, protection finished and painted with enamel or 2 component epoxy in a range of colour choices,
  • HardJacket Rhino Skin coated protective liners,
  • Insulation Up to R30,
  • Corrugated or Smooth Wall skid mounted Liquid Storage Tanks,
  • Safety Certified,
  • Pick up by Standard Flat Bed Trailer,
  • Access - Front stairway,
  • Hydrotesting - Full capacity static test
  • Standard inventory or ‘to-order’ design


Maxx ENERGY maintains an inventory of many standard products. Maxx ENERGY has the capability to supply custom built products from its strategically located manufacturing operations in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Iowa.

We can also refurbish/repaint your existing tanks to bring them up to current specifications, company colours, etc.